Dec 27, 2009


skirt:Meriken Co. "DUOX"
3 colord (white/Black/Bronze)

it is combined with sheer fabric.

contents are
3 sculpted parts+system layer pants(or underpants)

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Dec 21, 2009

Creators Pavillion "Winter Sale"

Meriken Co. released new winter item.

hood poster
Jacket--Meriken Co. "HOOD"
(6colors/Unisex/can Mod&Copy/jacket layer+prim parts)

4 colors are released as limited edition for Winer Sale at a special price.

these 4 items are available for purchase at Creators Pavillion.
>>Special market@Creators Pavillion.


SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Dec 17, 2009

This is christmas event of Meriken Co.
There are 3bags in Main store.
hunt info 2009xmas

lets find it!

the items'll see about that!

mini hunt items

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Nov 16, 2009

MYselves AD

Meriken Co. "MYselves"
camouflaged sweater.

color variations: Blue/Green/Khaki/Brown/Pink
L$200 /1 color
L$600 /all color pack

You can Mod&Copy and, choice to wear with prims or not.

contents are...
System Layer: Jacket / Shirts / Undershirts / Pants / Underpants
Prim Parts:Callor / Hem / Cuffs

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Nov 7, 2009

Napoleon jacket for lady "Josephine"

Meriken Co. has released new jacket "Josephine".

"Josephine" is the re-degigned jacket for female shape
from "Napoleon" that i've already released yesterday.

Napoleon for all "Josephine"

Meriken Co. "Josephine"
(1color/for female)

Napoleon & Josephine
Meriken Co. "Napoleon"&"Josephine"

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Nov 6, 2009

Napoleon Jacket

I made Napoleon jacket as simple as possible.

Meriken Co. "Napoleon"
(1color/for male)

Napoleon Jacket

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Nov 1, 2009

Short Muffler "GURURI"

Meriken Co. "GURURI"
---short muffler----

GURURI Girls side

GURURI Boys side

contents are 2 mafflers (for men/women)

all pack L$200


*GURURI means "around"

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Oct 24, 2009


because i couldnt find suspenders to wear on my shoulder.
i made it.

if you know good suspenders, tell me please.

i want more suspenders!!
but....i dont want make again...


Meriken Co. Suspenders

for men...4type
Brown,Black,Green dotted,Black dotted

for women...2type

single item L$200
Men's pack L$500 (4 type all included)


SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Oct 23, 2009

TRDY has come at Meriken Co. annex

Let me introduce the new shop, "TRDY".


You can choose from 12 different styles!
the name is "80's Spats".

What is spats?
In Japan in 80-90's, leggings was called, "Spats".
These days, anyone hardly uses those words.

It may reflect TRDY's nostalgic longing for bubble era.

Anyway,80's look is TRENDY.

TRDY 80's Spats
Fat pack (6colors x 2style) L$200
Single item L$30


...How would you wear it?

TRDY@Meriken Co. annex


Halloween Stamp Rally

Halloween Stamp Rally

Meriken Co.has taken part in this event,*FA* Halloween Stamp Rally.
the prize from my shop,is OCT-opus jacket set.

You can get octopus head wear,and black jacket.

You wouldn't see the funny lining from the outside,
but you will feel Octover.

The Stamp Rally will be held between October 25 and October 30.
9 brand are taking part in the Rally.
 barbee., Candy Nail, ICon, LITHIUM, MERIKEN CO.,
 So Many Style, VITAMEN, Y's House, dEVOL

get the stampcard,and enjoy the rally!

**How to join this event**


Oct 21, 2009

Greedy pants "CELL"

Today,Meriken Co. has started selling them.

"Cell"pants is so greedy.
because you can wear it in 3 ways (or more).


Meriken Co. "CELL"

The texture has earthy feeling with natural wrinkles.
And the point is color tape on both side.
(For your eyes only...if you wear a jacket or something,
the point will be hidden....)

7colors (Black/Brown/Green/Navy/Gray/Light Beige/Pink)

Single color L$200
Dark 4 pack(BK/BR/GR/NV) L$550
Bright 4 pack(BK/GR/LB/PK) L$550
ALL set 7colors L$850

<< 3 way to wear >>
Long pants (Pants/Underpants)
Cropped pants(Pants+hem parts)
Short pants(Pants+hem parts)

CELL croppedpants

CELL shortpants

CELL longpants

Meriken Co. is here.

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Oct 20, 2009


Originally uploaded by Yaszi Mornington

Meriken Co. Leather Hat

4 colors
each L$100
pack L$320

sclupted prim

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Polka Dot Long Sleeve Tee Shirts

leather hat black
Meriken Co. Polka Dot


contents are

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Sep 29, 2009

Meriken Co. straw hat
Meriken Co. Long cardigan Ivory
Meriken Co.-GGF- Inner Tee White
Meriken Co. Jeans #103

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Sep 15, 2009

Gacha Gacha Festival

Meriken Co. will participate in Gacha Gacha Festival.

Try and get limited items!

"Gacha Gacha Festival in cioccolata"
SEP 18- OCT 31
about 50 shop will participate the event.

Meriken's gift is 2tone cardigan and inner shirts.
4 cardigan...2 for male,the other one is for female.
7 inner shirs...full layer is unisex.

these are "Can-MOD & TRANS"

what is gacha gacha...?

**A "Gatcha Gatcha" is a lucky dip vending machine;
you pay the machine and recieves a random gift.

Meriken's Machine
SL URL: /Hyssop/182/160/52

Main store
SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Long Tail Cardigan

New arrival

Meriken Co. Long Tail Cardigan

contents are...
Jacket layer
Tail prim (for male)
Tail prim (for female)
these are "CAN-MOD&COPY"

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Jul 27, 2009

New Jeans

Meriken Co. Jeans #400 series

-contents are
Hem parts(sclupted prim)

all can MOD&COPY

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Jul 13, 2009

Summer dress

Meriken Co. "Carrousel"

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Jul 4, 2009

Indian cotton Pants

For your summer style.

Meriken Co. "SARASA"
3colors each L$175
fat pack L$400

contents are
Hem parts(sculpted prim)

can Mod&Copy/no Trans

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Jun 15, 2009

Summer Jacket "HNB"

Meriken Co. "HNB"Jacket

contents are...2 jackets (no shade/with shade)

Meriken Co. Main Shop

Jun 2, 2009

New! Half Cotton Pants

New arrived!

Meriken Co. Half Cotton Pants
L$175 Each color
L$500 Fat Pack

contents are...
Pants (M/C/NO T)
Under Pants (M/C/NO T)
Hem Parts (M/C/NO T)

Meriken Co. Main Shop

Jun 1, 2009

Meriken Co. moved to Japan SIM!

Meriken Co. moved again.

I am waiting for you with some new stuff and new gift!

New Main shop is....HERE!

May 3, 2009

Meriken Co. have moved!

Opening Gift T-shirts L$0

pants: Meriken Jeans #202 L$175

SL URL:Meriken Co. Japan.46-148-23

Apr 10, 2009

Meriken Co. Jeans

Meriken Co. Jeans L$175
 contents are:
 Hem parts

 -All you can do is: Mod & Copy
 -For unisex
 -You can wear without hem prims.

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Omotesando/129/26/34