Sep 29, 2009

Meriken Co. straw hat
Meriken Co. Long cardigan Ivory
Meriken Co.-GGF- Inner Tee White
Meriken Co. Jeans #103

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Sep 15, 2009

Gacha Gacha Festival

Meriken Co. will participate in Gacha Gacha Festival.

Try and get limited items!

"Gacha Gacha Festival in cioccolata"
SEP 18- OCT 31
about 50 shop will participate the event.

Meriken's gift is 2tone cardigan and inner shirts.
4 cardigan...2 for male,the other one is for female.
7 inner shirs...full layer is unisex.

these are "Can-MOD & TRANS"

what is gacha gacha...?

**A "Gatcha Gatcha" is a lucky dip vending machine;
you pay the machine and recieves a random gift.

Meriken's Machine
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Main store
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Long Tail Cardigan

New arrival

Meriken Co. Long Tail Cardigan

contents are...
Jacket layer
Tail prim (for male)
Tail prim (for female)
these are "CAN-MOD&COPY"

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25