May 17, 2010

new shirts "FRY"

fly-front shirts is available at Meriken Co. now.

Meriken Co. "FLY"

3 colors ( green yellow blue )
you can wear it in 3 style of shirttail.

contents are...
 Shirts base (system layer):Jacket,Shirts,Undershirts,Pants, Underpants
 Prim parts:colar,cuff,shirts tail hem(2type)
all can MOD& COPY

"FLY" green
"FRY" green

"FLY" yellow
"FRY" yellow

"FLY" blue
"FRY" blue

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May 3, 2010

T-shirts "CUT"

it is Meriken Co.'s new T-shirts,"CUT".

CUT poster

you can wear it with prim parts or not.

contents are...
 Jacket1(system layer version)
 Jacket2(for primed virsion)
 Hem prim
 Cuf prims

color: Pink Yellow Blue Black
price:L$200/1color L450/all colors


SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25