Feb 19, 2010

OFFLINE is now on-line

it is new item.

Meriken item...Pants:OFFLINE, Jacket:HNB, Shirts:SP T-shirts

Meriken Co. "OFFLINE"
this is litlle shorter length pants.

contents are...
Pants,Underpants,Hem parts
(all can Mod&Copy)

8colors:Black,Bitter brown,Navy,Rust,Olive,Blue,Pink,Yellow

Meriken item...Pants:OFFLINE, Shirts:GGF, Scarf:GURURI

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

Feb 12, 2010

Valentain's gift

Saint Valentine's Day is around the corner.

We are pleased to announce an gift item available to all of our valued customers.

Meriken Co. Valentine's gift is a pair of pants,
named "OFFLINE".


SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25