Apr 16, 2010

new shoes "Woo"

the second shoes of Meriken Co. is "Woo".

slx-woo tanned2
Meriken Co. "Woo" tanned

slx-woo suede2
Meriken Co. "Woo" suede

All can Mod& Copy.

if you want to send this as a gift,
you can use giftcard system.

Apr 4, 2010

new shoes "IVONNE"

Meriken Co. started selling shoes.


Meriken Co. "IVONNE"
 Color: Green/Red/Blue/Yellow
 Permission:CAN MOD& COPY

shoes:Meriken Co. "IVONNNE" red
dress:Meriken Co. "Doya"
hair:yum yum

IVONNE green

shoes:Meriken Co. "IVONNE" green
Pants:Meriken Co. JEANS #101

There is Gift-Card to send as present for your friends.

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