Oct 21, 2009

Greedy pants "CELL"

Today,Meriken Co. has started selling them.

"Cell"pants is so greedy.
because you can wear it in 3 ways (or more).


Meriken Co. "CELL"

The texture has earthy feeling with natural wrinkles.
And the point is color tape on both side.
(For your eyes only...if you wear a jacket or something,
the point will be hidden....)

7colors (Black/Brown/Green/Navy/Gray/Light Beige/Pink)

Single color L$200
Dark 4 pack(BK/BR/GR/NV) L$550
Bright 4 pack(BK/GR/LB/PK) L$550
ALL set 7colors L$850

<< 3 way to wear >>
Long pants (Pants/Underpants)
Cropped pants(Pants+hem parts)
Short pants(Pants+hem parts)

CELL croppedpants

CELL shortpants

CELL longpants

Meriken Co. is here.

SL URL:Meriken Co.,Ltd. Japan/42/195/25

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